A & Z God's Ministry for All People is hope that is far more than a religion, it’s the church of Christ, that seeks to heal the broken and lost souls that fate brings to its doors.
Jesus in prayer
Our Senior Pastor Tony Freitas has preached the Word of God since 1974 through radio ministry and ministering at nursing homes, hospitals, and home shelters. Still up to date Pastor Tony Freitas continues to preach the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. As he is led by the Holy Spirit to continue Jesus' mission to lead everyone through the path of salvation. As co-founder of A & Z Ministry for All People. We are a complete Church of Christ providing services to all people.
Zenalia Freitas: The wife of Pastor Tony Freitas also co-founder of A & Z God's Ministry for All People. Secretary and cohoster with Jan Skenas of the program Through the Eyes of Faith.

George Mills: Web developer for Jesus

Maria Silveira: Treasurer and studio designer